DEBT FREEDOM – $7,403.67/$114,000

I wasn’t expecting this. When you have $114,000 of debt, you feel the weight of it in the beginning and can’t imagine having less than $10k. It felt like it took YEARS to get below the $100,000 mark. Getting to $50k was another trek. Here we are at less than $10,000 and I’ve never felt like time was moving slower.

At least we know at this point we WILL be debt free. There is zero doubt in our minds. I was just thinking it would have been gone two months ago. It feels like “the last 10 pounds” at this point. GO AWAY YOU ANNOYING DEBT!!

Our updated projection for debt freedom looks to be April 15th. Conveniently enough, the same day our taxes are due. Speaking of, that is the biggest roadblock at this point. See, last year we rolled an old 401(k), now IRA, to a Roth. Which means we owe taxes on the amount rolled over. In simple speak: we have a big tax bill coming. Between the tax bill and the rest of our debt, April should do the trick. But Murphy is a stern mistress and likes to bring company. So surely something else will pop up between now and then. I’m not holding my breath.

Talk to me Goose. How is your debt reduction going? Is anyone out there? Hello?


Guess it’s just me….