DEBT FREEDOM – $49,582.10/$114,000

Finally! The 40,000s!

When we started knocking out debt, I didn’t have any connection to the 40s. In no way did it seem significant. The 30s, sure. But not the 40s. Fast forward a year and a half and the 40,000s are all I can think about. Somehow along the way they became the mythical creature I could never capture. Alas! They are mine!

Perspective is always intriguing. Hindsight is always clear. When you first sit down to total the damage of debt you have to overcome – in our case $114,000 – paying off the first $10,000 seems a mountainous task. Thinking of being in the 40,000s is a joke at this stage. Baby steps. One bite at a time.

Then you make it into the 90,000s. You are celebrating this milestone (only in our heads, ain’t nobody got money for real celebrations). Celebrating! It’s still $90,000 in debt! That’s nothing to smile about. Your sanity is quickly vanishing with every debt that is paid. So that’s neat.

This pattern continues through the various “phases” of debt payoff. Until you finally reach the bottom half of the mountain, look back and realize you actually HAVE accomplished a lot! There is still a lot to go, but you can really feel the momentum pushing you the rest of the way.

For my readers who are also working toward debt freedom, your total debt may have started well below the $40,000 mark and I probably seem like a psycho. Who celebrates having $40,000 of debt (hint: me)?! My $40,000 is your $5,000. While it seems ridiculous, it is a big deal to me.

This milestone is just the beginning.

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