DEBT FREEDOM – $19,060.11/$114,000

Prayer is powerful. I like to think I pray daily, or maybe it’s just talking to God. I don’t formalize it with memorized prayers or pray for world peace, although I should from time to time. I talk to God about life. I thank him for my blessings or even the little things in life – like a really good monster cookie. Often times I tell him how frustrated I am that I’m not getting my way. That I know it’s unfair to always get what I want but from time to time it would be pretty dang neat. I pray for marriages that I know need to be wrapped up and cared for by the Big Man Upstairs. I pray for the safety of my friends and family. That some idiot texting and driving doesn’t take any of them away from me sooner than absolutely necessary. I pray for miracles.

A lot has changed for Mr. D and me. I have prayer and a hard working husband to thank for it. Our debt is now down to $19,060.11!

If you’ve followed anything I’ve written you would see that we jumped from somewhere around $42,000 to $19,000 in a matter of a month. No, we did not sell anything. We did not inherit anything. It’s probably best if I explain it from the beginning…

…a few months ago I was in a pretty bad slump. I felt as though our snowball was rolling through molasses and debt freedom was a mirage. We weren’t feeling the movement and momentum we had when we first started to attack our debt and get our finances in order. I was having daily meltdowns when I got home from work. A mix of creative exhaustion – what more could I do to possibly bring in more income?? – and impatience. I wanted the debt GONE. NOW! Mr. D was encouraging and kept putting a positive spin on our situation all the while tolerating my tantrums. Bless him.

About a month ago I had dropped Mr. D off at work in the morning (we share a car) and as I was driving to my office, the exhaustion and impatience started to wash over me. It was only morning and I knew I couldn’t bear the weight of these emotions much longer. In a moment of desperation I did what most people might do. I prayed.

In the early hours of the morning I began to ask for help in a way I never had before. Instead of asking for more money, or for our debt to go away, I asked for patience. I asked for emotional strength and endurance. I had been selfish to think I deserved any type of monetary gift to clean up my mess in one magical swoop. I was still struggling to understand that when you manage money God’s way and when you love how he wants you to love, some really cool things start to happen. I prayed the entire way to work. Asking for forgiveness for poisoning the positive energy Mr. D was bringing to our marriage and situation. Forgiveness for not trusting His plan. Who was I to start making commands for results?

By the time I got to work I felt more at peace. Like I do after any good conversation with a best friend. The type that feeds your soul. I decided then to not let it get the best of me. Bad days are allowed, but it doesn’t mean I have a bad life.

A few days later the impatience started to sneak back up on me. I was venting my frustration one night to Mr. D, describing the battle going on in my mind. The impatience, the exhaustion, the fizzling sensation I was overwhelmed with. I was out of ideas and felt utterly helpless. Mr. D wrapped me in his arms as I started to cry. That’s when everything changed.

Mr. D announced he had gotten me something. Which made absolutely no sense seeing as his birthday was in a few days. Why would he be getting ME something? After a little debate he decided he HAD to give me this “gift” today, even though the intent was to make it a surprise.

He had me follow him downstairs and he pulled a piece of paper out of his work bag. I looked it over and it showed him at the top of the leaderboard at work! I was thrilled, it was wonderful news. Recognition at work is alway great and I was thrilled to see how well he was doing. He then continued to tell me he would be getting a bonus because of this great work. I immediately assumed it would be a few hundred bucks, maybe even $1,000! Like other bonuses he’s received in the past. This was NOTHING like anything he had received before. The bonus was going to be more than $30,000 (before tax)!! I was speechless. Or was I in shock? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

After about 15 minutes of pure disbelief, it finally started to sink in. We would be able to knock our debt down another $20,000+ in a matter of a couple weeks. My prayers had been answered.

God provided when he knew we needed it most. He merely gave us a boost with this bonus. Not wiping away the debt entirely but allowing us to catch our breath so we can dive in once more and finish off the last $19,000. Later on that day Mr. D and I went for a walk and while we were talking I told him how I had prayed only a few days ago after dropping him off. Asking God to give me patience and to forgive me for not trusting Him and having faith that it would all work out as it was supposed to. How I was having a moment of clarity like I had not experienced before. When the answer to a prayer is obvious.

We both agreed that the Big Man is looking out for us and sits in our corner.