DEBT FREEDOM – $13,457.52/$114,000

We missed the mark.

The goal was to be debt free by EOY 2015. It’s officially 2016 and here we are, burdened with debt…still.

We did get incredibly close. If it weren’t for a living arrangement emergency, we would be around the $8,000 mark instead. But that’s not the case. That didn’t happen. Instead, we had a squirrel take over the townhome we were renting (yes, I cannot make this up) and what looked like a scene from Christmas Vacation – squirrel in our Christmas tree and everything! – ended with a phone call to management and a severed lease.

The good news is the story ends with us moving into a stand alone home (rented = fake homeownership, yay!) and we haven’t seen a squirrel inside this one!


The bad news is that it cost us a LOT of money that we had originally ear-marked for debt in the month of December. Between deposits, first month’s rent, and the general expense of moving into a different place (cleaning supplies, moving trucks) it set us back about a month. Which is depressing, minus the squirrel-free setup.

It still feels nice to be close enough to debt freedom that digging through the couch cushions for coins is getting more and more tempting to finish this off once and for all.